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David Grear
La Terrasse, Philadelphia

David Grear prepares French bistro food at La Terrasse, and though wine outsells beer by a considerable percentage, Grear still loves the flavors of beer in food.

"We have a wonderful bar area, with a very casual menu, and people like to have beer with appetizers," says Grear. "So, I use beer in sauces, marinades, and glazes."

First, a beerbecue sauce made from a demiglace and mopped on ribeye steaks is a slightly hot-sweet blend. Grear starts with the house bordelaise sauce with port wine as a base. He then adds dark molasses, roasted sweet peppers, raspberry vinegar and sauteed vegetables, smoked adobo - and lots of Guinness stout for "that big body and flavor."

"Beer fits with the batterie de cuisine in the kitchen at La Terrasse," explains Grear. "We try to make the food very unpretentious and fill the menu with fun choices." For example, the generation of drinkers weaned on chicken McNuggets find the lager-battered chicken fingers most appealing.

"The appetizer is made with tempura batter flour and cornstarch for tenderness and crisp browned exterior," says Grear. "Dijon mustard and beer go together, as complementary flavors, and we add a little cayenne for the heat." Because the appetizers are mostly bar items, the pretzel crumb exterior is both salty and crunchy - making patrons thirst for yet another brew.Chef David Grear relaxes with Yuenling and Penn

A local Springfield beer distributor brings hundreds of cases of beer to the restaurant - including Colt 45. "Once, my delivery was missed because the driver - a new employee - couldn't believe that a French restaurant would use a malt liquor," laughs Grear. "But what people don't realize is that malt liquors are just very strong, clean lagers, and go really well with shellfish."

Sample recipes from La Terrasse, adapted for the home cook, include:

Guinness Stout BBQ Sauce
Tsing Tao Laquered Quail
Lager-Battered Chicken Tenders
Steamed Mussels with Malt Liquor

Recipes ©David Grear, Executive Chef
La Terrasse
3432 Sansom Street
Philadelphia, PA 19104
Phone (215) 386-5000





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